2021-01-05 01:05 -- Rewards recalculated, miners balances updated

2021-01-04 23:31 -- Fixed statistics display bug. All rewards will be recalculated ASAP

2020-12-30 13:30 -- Updated Ixian DLT to v0.7.6 b

Mining block 1,696,011 Network block: 1,696,011
Block Reward (estimated) 4,740.4000 IXI
Pool Fee 1 %
Payments By threshold, time or manual. Config as you wish.
Total Paid 467,327,125.0809 IXI 26850 Payments
Pool Difficulty 6,128,257,706,888,916,992
Pool Hashrate 318.67 KH/s

How do I get started?

POOL URL https://ixi.hash.express
Installation URL for custom miner in HIVE: https://github.com/bogdanadn......0.2.0_06.08.2019_linux.tar.gz
Windows Miner https://github.com/bogdanadn......_08.08.2019_windows_10.zip
Custom Parameters --mode miner --cpu-intensity 0 --gpu-intensity (45~90) --force-gpu-optimization OPENCL(for AMD)/CUDA(for NVIDIA)

User Config (bat file example):
--mode miner --pool https://ixi.hash.express --wallet ixi_address --name worker_name --cpu-intensity 0 --gpu-intensity 95 --force-gpu-optimization OPENCL

Remember "Worker_name" in stat will be shown as "Workername" without "_".
If you have 100% rejected shares - check your worker name and use a-z-0-9 symbols.